Musician and producer from Sardinia, he approaches the world of music at an early age through the study of the bass guitar.

Moving to Genoa at the end of the 90’s, thanks to an intense collaboration with Beppe Quirici (bassist and artistic producer to Ivano Fossati, Giorgio Gaber, Ornella Vanoni amongst many other) he learns and develops the techniques of artistic production and arrangement.

The valuable lessons of B.Quirici have stimulated him on focusing on the research of a personal and intimate sound, often contaminated by the use analog and digital effects (even experiencing the use of analog bass synths and the Chapman Stick), concentrating his efforts on songwriting and independent rock, bringing his own experience as a musician and producer/artistic director, which he gained in years of researching for a precise musical identity.

Whilst performing live and in studio, he devoted himself for many years on teaching electric bass and session music with a personal training program.

He obtained a degree in the disciplines of Art, Music and Entertainment (D. A. M. S. ) at the University of Genoa, with a thesis on Big Concerts of Louis Bacalov and New Trolls.

From 2010 he is on of the founding members of the Cultural Association Beppe Quirici and artistic director of the Targa Quirici, dedicated to the role of arranger and artistic producer.

For this event, artists such as Gianni Maroccolo (Litfiba, C. S. I. ), Yo Yo Mundi, Vittorio de Scalzi (New Trolls), Paolo Bonfanti, Maria Giua, Marco Fadda, Claudio Borghi, Germano Bonaveri, Mario Arcari, Armando Corsi, Vincenzo Zitello, Adele Di Palma (Cose di Musica), Enrico Deregibus (Club Tenco), Felice Liperi (Radio RAI), Riccardo R. Storti (Centro Studi Progressive Italiano), Dario Zigiotto (CCM comunicazioni), Eros Cristiani and many others have taken part within the years.

In collaboration with the Association Beppe Quirici, from an idea by Ivano Fossati, promotes a petition, already signed by the most well known individuals of the italian cultural and music industry, asking for the structure Casa della Musica in Genoa to be named in memory of Beppe Quirici.

In 2012 he’s artistic director and plays bass guitar in “L’uomo trasparente” (BTF Records), first solo effort from Maurizio Di Tollo, and, still with Di Tollo playing drums and the guitarist Adriano Arena, he produces and plays bass guitar in the band ADM (Mellow Records).

Still in 2012, the writer Sergio Bossi inserts his interview in the book “Mille note. Storie di musica e musicisti” (De Ferrari publisher). The incomes from the sale of the book will be intended for pediatric Hospital G. Gaslini of Genoa.

In the 2015 he’s artistic director, artistic producer (with Eros Cristiani) and plays bass guitar in Maurizio di Tollo’s new album “Memorie di uno sparring partner (<ahref=””>Ams Records).

Some musicians he collaborated with:
Beppe Quirici, Kaballà, Pier Foschi, Mario Arcari, Roberto Gualdi, Nicola Oliva, Armando Corsi, Vincenzo Zitello, Eros Cristiani, Ged Lynch, Fabrizio Barale, Fabio Martino, Little Tony, Andrea Cavalieri, Ernesto Nobili, Andrea Maddalone, Riccardo Cherubini, Hermann Furin, Tom Principato, Mario Benvenuto, Christian Dozzler, Elva Lutza, Ginger Leigh, Robbie Buchanan, Michael Landau, Vittorio Nocenzi, David Rhodes and many others.